Video: Rick Perry Wouldn't Prosecute Urinating Marines, Blames Obama

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On CNN’s 'State of the Union' on Sunday morning, Texas governor Rick Perry was asked about the controversial video of four U.S. marines urinating on dead Taliban soldiers (video below).

Gov. Perry said the young adults were "kids" who should reprimanded, but seemed more upset about the Obama administration: “What’s really disturbing to me is this kind of over the top rhetoric from this administration and their distain for the military it appears. These kids made a mistake. There’s no doubt about it. Shouldn’t have done it. It’s bad. But to call it a criminal act is over the top.”

“The idea that this administration would go after these young people for a criminal act is again, I think it is over the top. Did they make a mistake? Absolutely. Should they be reprimanded and appropriate punish? Yes. But going after them as a criminal act? Really bad message.”


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