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Video: Gov. Paul LePage Compares Obamacare to the "Gestapo"

During his weekly radio address on Saturday, Maine’s Republican Gov. Paul LePage said the Affordable Care Act would force people to “buy health insurance or pay the new Gestapo, the IRS.”

WMTW-TV tried to interview Gov. LePage on Monday, but he refused to comment at first. Then a reporter said that the Anti-Defamation League had called the "gestapo" remark “hurtful and inappropriate,” and Gov. LePage changed his mind.

Gov. LePage then said: “It was never intended to offend anyone. And if someone’s offended, then they ought to be g*ddamn mad at the federal government.”

In a statement on Monday, Gov. LePage said: “Clearly, what has happened is that the use of the word Gestapo has clouded my message. We no longer are a free people. With every step that Obamacare moves forward, our individual freedoms are being stripped away by the Federal Government. This should anger all Americans.”


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