Video: Gov. Nikki Haley Says "Women Don’t Care About Contraception"


South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R) appeared on ABC-TV's 'The View' to talk about her new book 'Can’t Is Not An Option,' but was also asked several political questions (video below).

Gov. Haley defended her refusal to take down the Confederate flag that flies over the South Carolina capitol and said she would not be a vice presidential candidate in 2012.

Co-host  Elisabeth Hasselbeck then asked Gov. Haley about her stance on women’s rights. 

Gov. Haley responded: “Women don’t care about contraception... they care about jobs, the economy and raising their families.”

She was cut off by Joy Behar who said that women do care about contraception. 

Gov. Haley then conceded that while women "might care about contraception," they just want to be able to make those decisions themselves, without government involvement.

She continued making news this week, calling President Obama a "bully" for refusing to agree with Congressman Paul Ryan's budget plan, which would cut medical care for the poor. 


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