GOP Sen. Candidate Sam Rohrer: Obama has "Power to Spend at Will"

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Former Pennsylvania State Rep. Sam Rohrer is leading the GOP field to challenge U.S. Senator Bob Casey Jr. (D) in November.

In a campaign video (below) posted last week, entitled 'A Constitutional America No More,' Rohrer falsely claimed that President Obama has given himself the "power to spend at will."

Rohre said: "With the help of Senator Casey and the Senate Democrats, the President has managed to give himself the power to spend at will. It’s important to understand that since no budget has been passed during his tenure, the President is free to spend without constraint, making it possible for a crippling 3 trillion dollar increase in spending while Congress can do little more than watch."

"Without a budget, there is no control over Executive Branch spending. No budget means opening our wallets to an out of control Executive branch that sets its own budget and determines itself the boss."


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