Video: GOP Debate Audience Cheers Blaming the Unemployed for Lack of Jobs

The audience at Tuesday night’s CNN Republican presidential debate loudly expressed their approval of Herman Cain’s statement that the Occupy Wall Street protesters should blame themselves for not having jobs.

“Yes, I do still say that,” Cain told debate host Anderson Cooper. The candidate was forced to pause while the crowd erupted in cheers and whistles. Cain then went on to defend Wall Street, claiming that it didn't put in any failed economic policies to cause the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression.

“I still stand by my statement… Wall Street didn’t put in failed economic policies. Wall Street didn’t spend a trillion dollars that didn’t do any good… They ought be over in front of the White House taking out their frustrations."

However, Rep. Ron Paul quickly took the side of the protesters: “I think Mr. Cain has blamed the victims. There’s a lot of people that are victims of this business cycle. We can’t blame the victims.”


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