Video: GOP Candidate Ron Gould Fires Gun at Health Care Law

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Ron Gould, an Arizona Republican running for the state’s fourth congressional district seat, has released a new ad that shows him shooting Obamacare, which provides health care coverage for most Americans (video below).

Gould says in the ad: “Government run healthcare? We don’t want it, we don’t need it, we can’t afford it. This is what I’d do to that law.”

Gould then launches a copy of the law into the air, takes aim and blasts it to pieces.

In the ad, Gould also 'patrols' the border with an armed friend and slams U.S. border security policies: "If they won't do it, we will."

Gould is one of two Republicans vying for the chance to run in November.

Earlier this week, California Republican Jorge Robles aired an ad against Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez where he vowed to “take Linda Sanchez out” with a video featuring an animated machine gun.


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