Video: GOP Candidate Jorge Robles Uses Machine Gun in Ad, Vows to "Take Linda Sanchez Out"

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Jorge Robles, a Republican congressional candidate and law enforcement officer in California, is promising to “take Linda Sanchez out of office” in a campaign ad that features an animated machine gun (video below).

In the 5-minute commercial posted to YouTube on Monday, a machine gun blasts away at a wall to reveal the message: “Jorge Robles for Congress: Take Linda Sanchez Out of Office.”

The ad also claims that Rep. Linda Sanchez is a “mess” because she has not paid off her student loans and “has problems budgeting her lifestyle.”

Robles campaign manager Robert Davis defended the violent video to “Mr. Robles is in law enforcement, if you’re not aware of that, so I think it’s his way of just kind of sending our message. We’re going after Linda Sanchez, not in the way that portrays it to be, if you’re thinking like that.”

Sanchez is in a three-way race with Robles and Republican accountant Benjamin Campos in the heavily-Democratic 38th District. The primary was held on today, with Sanchez and Campos in the first and second positions, and Robles trailing in third, at press time. The two front-runners will meet again in November.


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