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Video: Glenn Beck Warns that President Obama is Planning Civil War in America

After mocking conspiracy theorist Alex Jones last week, Glenn Beck said on his radio show on Monday and Tuesday that President Obama has been planning a civil war in America since he took office (video below).

Yeserday, Beck said that President Obama will use a mass gun crime as evidence that previous gun legislation was not strong enough and will issue an executive order banning and confiscating guns, reports

Beck says that gun owners will refuse to hand over their weapons, get arrested and fill the jails. This supposedly will overwhelm the legal system and generate opposition to Obama's violations of the Constitution.

Beck predicted that the U.S. government would blame the world's economic problems on the right-wing gun nuts, eventually leading to NATO planes bombing America, which will be engulfed in a civil war.

Today, Beck claimed that President Obama had been "push, push, pushing you" to "react violently" (video below).

Beck told his audience: "They accused you. they've been calling you a terrorist, a violent threat since the beginning. They've built the case already. You are violent... They can't arrest all of us. They can do it, if they have tragic events."

"Now, I know this sounds a little like the Jews went to the gas chambers. But that's crazy? Who would build re-education camps and mass killing centers? It's the United States of America, there's no reason to go there, we're talking about reasonable people. Just as it is with everything in this administration, they present you with a lose-lose situation."

"I stand on the side of Gandhi. I stand on the side Jesus and I stand on the side Martin Luther King,  That is the only thing that will work."


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