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Video: Glenn Beck Dunks Obama Figurine in Urine, Tries to Sell it on eBay

Speaking with a fake French accent on his 'The Blaze TV' show, conservative Glenn Beck dunked a figurine of President Obama into a jar of what he claimed to be "urine" and then put the "art" up for sale on eBay (video below).

Beck was apparently parodying a 1989 photograph by artist Andres Serrano, which depicted a figure of Jesus Christ in a jar of urine, reports

Beck said: “It’s a mason jar with a little bit of pee-pee in it, uh? This is when an icon and art come together. Now some will say that all Glenn Beck did is put the president in a jar of pee-pee."

“While technically correct, yes, I prefer to call this work of art by its more appropriate and professional title. I like to call this, ‘Flobama.’ Sure we can dumb it down for the masses of little people so they can understand. Yes, we have Obama in pee-pee. Mmm? Oui? Yes? This can be yours for a bargain price of $25,000.”

Beck put the bottle on sale on eBay, but because he claimed it was actual urine eBay pulled it from bids.  However, [Beck's web site] today stated that "it was not, however." said today that bids can now be emailed


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