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Video: Glenn Beck Claims the Obama White House Set Up David Petraeus to "Discredit the Military"

Conservative radio host Glenn Beck recently debuted his newest conspiracy theory on his web broadcast (video below). 

Beck claimed the Obama administration somehow manufactured former CIA Director David Petraeus’ sex scandal as a plot to “discredit the military,” but provided no actual proof.

Beck also claimed that the Obama White House has known about Petraeus’ affair with Paula Broadwell, long before Petraeus was appointed director of the CIA, reports

Beck said: "This is a set up. This is spontaneous, they just found out? Bull crap. They have known. The White House knew during the vetting process that Petraeus was carrying on an inappropriate relationship. They knew it. They knew that he could be easily compromised, but they appointed him anyway.”

“... And now he’s being discredited. This whole scandal is doing what? How’s your opinion of the military? Discredit the last-standing, honorable institution we have: the military.”

“These people in Washington are really bad people. And they will use anything, any pressure point. And you will fold. This, today, is all about discrediting the military while distracting the media.”


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