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Video: Glenn Beck Announces Plans to Build New 'Independence, USA' Community

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck recently announced on the 'The Glenn Beck Program' that he is going to create a new community, Independence, USA.

Independence will produce its own food, education and entertainment content in a community of homes, baseball fields and a theme park.

Beck said in a video announcement (below): "There's not going to be a Gap here. There's no Ann Taylor. You want an Ann Taylor, go someplace else."

There will also be a ranch to grow food, media center (where Beck will film his show and other entertainers will create content), a research and development laboratory and more.

Beck added that he is also planning on educating children: "Before you send your kids to college, you come to us. And you spend a week with us. We're gonna tell them exactly, we will show them the truth, we will tell them what they're going to try to do, and we will deprogram them every summer, if you care."

Beck said that Independence will cost about $2 billion, but he's going to build it "one piece at a time."


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