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Video: Gay Robot Confronts Michele Bachmann

A gay robot named 'RoboProfessor' tried to meet Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann as she exited her campaign bus in Iowa City, Iowa on Thursday (video below).

“Michele Bachmann, I am a gay robot,” the gay robot told the smiling but confused candidate. “Do you support equal rights for gay robots?”

“Not only are you a homophobe, you’re a robo-phobe!” the robot exclaimed. “Michele Bachmann, I will not rest until you support equal rights for human and robot gay people.”

“Boo!” the throng of Bachmann supporters at the Hamburg Inn replied. “Get out of here!

“I was programmed to do this. I cannot help myself,” the gay robot explained. “I am gay.”

“Get in the closet!” one man suggested as the crowd laughed.

After leaving the event, one officer gave the robot a stern warning: “You go back in, you’re going to be facing some additional issues, OK?”

Surprisingly, the gay robot was not pepper sprayed, beaten or tasered as so many non-violent protesters have been this year.


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