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Video: Fox News' John Stossel Shouted Down at Occupy Wall Street

Fox News’ John Stossel paid a visit to Occupy Wall Street on Tuesday and was confronted by protesters who shared their displeasure with him and his cable network. Stossel then showed his short collection of heavily-edited clips to Bill O’Reilly, who wondered (yet again) what the Occupy Wall Street protest was about.

O’Reilly then brought up an article written by Doug Schoen, in which he revealed, through a poll of 200 Occupy Wall Streeters, that only 15% of the protesters are unemployed. Stossel’s said that there were fewer protesters, relative to other events: “Six thousand according to the New York Times. The Boy Scout Jamboree had 300,000.”

However, Stossel didn't mention that the Tea Party protests (against health care) were far smaller than the Occupy Wall Street protests.


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