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Video: Fox News Host Stuart Varney Claims 'Downton Abbey' Threatens Liberals

Fox News host Stuart Varney claimed on Monday that the popular British TV show 'Downton Abbey' somehow threatened liberals because wealthy people are portrayed in a positive light, reports (video below).

Varney did not mention that Downton Abbey airs on PBS in the U.S., which conservatives and Republicans have been trying to defund for years.

Varney said on 'Fox & Friends': “They’re nice people. They create jobs, for heaven’s sake. They’re classy, they’ve got style. And we love them. That show is wildly popular. It poses a threat to the left, doesn’t it?”

“You can dismiss it as high-class soap opera, and I agree, it is a soap opera, no question about it, but that misses the point. The politics of Downton are very important, and it’s important that they are popular in America today.”

Fox & Friends' co-host Steve Doocey added: “The entire town loves the rich guy who lives in the abbey. He provides the jobs. He looks out for everybody, he has free medical care for everybody. Without him, and spoiler alert, two weeks ago, it looked like he was gonna lose the joint, without him, the place would go belly up.”

Downton Abbey, which earned 27 Primetime Emmy Award nominations in 2011, follows an aristocratic family’s life in the early years of the 20th century.


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