Video: Florida Governor Rick Scott Purging Thousands of Voters, Mostly Hispanic

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Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) has directed his administration to purge the state’s voting rolls of thousands of registered voters prior to the November election. Gov. Scott's purge list, which is based on the state's DMV and purports to include only “non-citizens,” targets mostly Hispanics, Democrats and independents.

The Miami Herald reports:

Hispanic, Democratic and independent-minded voters are the most likely to be targeted in a state hunt to remove thousands of noncitizens from Florida's voting rolls, a Miami Herald computer analysis of elections records has found.

The numbers change by the day. The state's Division of Elections says it initially identified roughly 180,000 potential noncitizens by performing a search of a computer database that doesn't have the most-updated information.

The Fair Elections Legal Network, which is challenging the purge, said that database matching is “notoriously unreliable” and “data entry errors, similar-sounding names, and changing information can all produce false matches.”

Some voters may have naturalized since their driver's license information was collected.

On her show Tuesday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow reported that officials have already discovered errors in the purged voter list (video below).


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