Video: Florida Governor Rick Scott Defends His Decision to Limit Voting


While most people in political office encouraged voting, Florida Governor Rick Scott tried to scrub voters off the rolls prior to the election, based upon his false claim of voter fraud in the Sunshine State. 

The governor also cut early voting days and refused to extend hours, even when polling locations were overwhelmed, as former Republican governors have done in the past.

Speaking to WKMG-TV, Scott said he did "the right thing" by restricting voting, reports

Gov. Scott said: "I’m very confident that the right thing happened. 4.4. million people voted."

He also told WFTV-TV: "The right thing happened. 4.4 million people came out and voted either absentee or early. On Election Day we had 20 times as many polling locations as we did early. So we did the right thing."


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