Video: Father Jonathan Morris Says "I’m Willing to Die" to Stop Obama Contraception Plan

Appearing last night on the Fox News' program 'Hannity,'  Father Jonathan Morris told guest host Liz Cheney that priests should be “ready to die” to fight President Obama’s contraception plan, which covers women via the insurance they would get from their employer (video below).

Morris said: “Of course I’m willing to die, of course I’m willing to go to jail, of course I’m willing to pay a fine. That is the most normal, non-radical thing I can think of."

Morris added: “We recognize it goes against my conscience to kill. The president is saying, 'You know what? Don’t worry about it. You don’t have to kill that person any more. We’re going to just make sure you pay somebody else to do the bidding for you, to kill that person for you.' That’s an analogy but that’s exactly what it is.”


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