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Video: Ex-Navy SEAL Larry Yatch Creates Osama bin Laden Killing Reenactment

Despite the very recent shootings in America, a new type of shooting game has been created by a former Navy SEAL.

Larry Yatch is offering people the chance to reenact the Osama bin Laden attack, all for the price of $325. The reenactment is in St. Paul Minnesota and is called "Sealed Mindset." 

Sealed Mindset begins with a shooting practice utilizing real firearms aimed at a bin Laden target. Yatch tells the shooters to "aim for anything above the moustache to below the turban." 

This gets the shooters pumped up with adrenaline and ready to go through with the reenactment. Yatch leads the group to "Osama's lair" which is really just a 10,000-square foot studio. 

They kick in the door and find where he's hiding. Once they discover the man dressed like bin Laden, they shoot him with paintballs. He then promptly slumps over, pretending to be dead, and everyone rejoices over the successful assassination. 

People seem to feel excited afterward, as one woman told radio reporter Madeleine Baran that it was "awesome." 


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