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Video: Ex-Marine Joshua Boston Compares Gun Laws to Nazis, Joseph Stalin, Cambodian Holocaust

Joshua Boston, an ex-Marine who wrote a scathing letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), slamming her proposed ban on assault weapons, appeared on Fox News this morning and compared U.S. gun control laws to the Nazi’s Third Reich, Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot's holocaust in Cambodia (video below).

Boston also said he opposes "gun free zones" such as schools which he claims "advertise" to predators, reports

Boston said: "It’s something we’ve seen happen time and time again in history, with Stalin. It happened in Cambodia. Then of course the Third Reich. No one saw that coming until it was too late."

"One change we need to really honesty look at is this idea of a gun-free zone. Essentially all it does is advertise a hunting ground for the predators in our society. It forces people to be disarmed."


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