Video: El Paso County, Colorado Worker Caught Registering Only Republicans

Outside a Safeway grocery store in El Paso County, Colorado, a young woman was recently recorded on video (below) trying to register Republicans to vote in the upcoming election.

When she approaches a shopper, who taped the exchange, the young woman says she is taking a poll and asks "Would you vote for Romney or Obama?"

Later, she says "I'm actually trying to register voters for a particular party, because we're out here in support of Romney actually."

When asked by the shopper: "Who's paying you for this?"

The young Romney supporter says "We're working for the county clerk's office."

The shopper then answers: "You cannot come out here and register one [political] party... and you're only registering Republicans."

The young woman then places her hand over her face and says "no," but later admits she is registering Romney supporters.

There is no word on whether the El Paso County, Colorado has confirmed or denied this young woman's statement, but Wayne Williams, the El Paso County Clerk, has endorsed Mitt Romney for President.


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