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Video: Donald Trump Says President Obama Should Show College Transcripts Before Romney Releases Taxes

Appearing on 'Fox & Friends,' on Monday, billionaire Donald Trump said that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney should not turn over his tax records until President Obama reveals his college transcripts (video below).

Trump said: "You talk about transparency. We will learn more about Obama when we look at those college applications than any other thing that can happen. I don’t think Romney should give anything until such time as Obama gives his college records and applications.”

Mitt Romney has resisted calls from fellow Republicans and the Obama campaign to release more tax returns.

Trump added: “They’re trying to make a man whose done a great job look very bad. And they are using deceit, they are using lies and I think Mitt is going to fight back very hard. You know, they are talking about tax returns, I mean, look, you know this, I’ve been saying it for a very long time, Obama should give his college applications and records."


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