Video: Donald Trump Angry Khadafy Killed Before U.S. Got Libya’s Oil

Donald Trump recently released a video on YouTube (below) in which he complained how Moammar Khadafy was killed before the United States had a chance to take LIbya's oil reserves.

“Big deal,” he said. “What do we get out of it? They have the oil. The rebels would have given us everything if we had some leader that knew how to negotiate.”

“The rebels were being routed four months ago. Absolutely routed by Khadafy and his men. Even with all of our support and all the support of NATO, it was very hard to crack them. So here is what happens. We spend billions and billions and billions of dollars, we just absolutely blast the hell out of them, the rebels then go in, take over the place, and now if we ask for oil they give us nothing.”

Trump said President Obama should not have intervened in Libya until the rebels agreed to give 50 percent of their oil to the U.S.

Before the uprising against Khadafy, Libya produced about 1.6 million barrels per day.

In April, Trump said that if he were president he would seize $1.5 trillion from Iraq’s oil profits to “reimburse” the U.S. invasion, which would actually be a war crime according to the Hague Convention.


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