Video: Dinesh D’Souza, Film Producer of '2016: Obama’s America,' Admits He Never Spoke to Pres. Obama

Appearing on 'Real Time,' Dinesh D’Souza admitted to host Bill Maher that he has never spoken to President Obama, even though he claims to know Obama's inner workings, beliefs and intentions, which he speculated about in his anti-Obama documentary '2016: Obama’s America' (video below).

Maher asked D’Souza about his claim that "President Obama is full of rage," to which D’Souza cited the Affordable Care Act, claiming that Obama did not adopt a single Republican idea, reports Mediaite.com

However, Maher reminded D’Souza that the Affordable Care Act incorporated many ideas from the Republicans in the 1990s and was a financial "blow j*b" to the insurance companies.

Maher said that the Republicans had no interest in supporting anything that President Obama has pushed for, since his inauguration.


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