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Video: Dick Cheney Demands Apology from Obama

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, who has attacked President Obama numerous times, is demanding an apology from Obama for criticizing the Bush Administration on foreign policy and not using the phrase "war on terror."

On CNN’s 'State of the Union' Sunday morning (video below), host Candy Crowley asked Cheney if using the tough-sounding phrase "war on terror" really mattered, given President Obama’s foreign policy accomplishments

Cheney, who along with President Bush, failed to capture Osama Bin Laden said: "It matters a lot. In terms of the signals that are sent by the commander-in-chief with respect to the kind of efforts that are going to be used, what we expect our people to be doing. He needs to be clear with what he’s doing, and he clearly is fighting a war. I agree with the attacks. But don’t get wrapped up in your underwear then trying to go back and validate the foolish things said in their campaign.”

When Crowley asked if he wanted an apology from Obama, Cheney said, “I would. Not for me, but I think for the Bush Administration and that he misspoke when he gave that speech two years ago."

"When he goes to Cairo and in-effect says we walked away from ideals, we forgot our core principles and values on our (the Bush Administration’s) watch, that’s a big mistake.”


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