Video: Democrat Challenger Scott Howell Says Sen. Orrin Hatch, 78, May Die in Office

Sen. Orrin Hatch's Utah Democratic opponent Scott Howell says the 78 year old may die in office (video below).

In a fundraising letter sent out on Sunday, Howell said: I’m going to be frank. Orrin Hatch is not a bad guy. But he is an old guy" and could "die before his term is through," reports ABC 4 News.

Campaigning in Southern Utah, Howell told ABC 4 News: “Orrin Hatch is old enough to be my father and I don't want my father running the United States Senate Finance Committee."

“Orrin Hatch needs the golden handshake now. It's time we give him a nice watch and we send him on his way."

Senator Hatch's campaign manager Dave Hansen called Howell’s fundraising letter, “offensive” and added: "He's got a campaign that's going nowhere. Nobody knows who he is."


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