Video: 'Dancing with the Stars' Pokes Fun at the Tea Party

On a 'Dancing with the Stars' behind-the-scenes segment this week, contestant Carson Kressley gave a tour through the costume warehouse giving viewers a peek at past costumes. Trying on former contestant Bristol Palin’s infamous gorilla mask, he quipped: “Still smells like a Tea Party.”

This joke was enough to send Breitbart’s blogger Warner Todd Huston at BigHollywood.com into a rant about the show’s “left-wing attacks” on “over half the voters in America.”

Huston wrote: "Even Dancing is not safe from left-wing attacks on Tea Partiers, sadly. Last night on the venerable dance show, fashion makeover maven Carson Kressley thought it would be a hoot to make fun of over half the voters in America with an attack on how he thinks Tea Party activists smell."

Wondering “how ABC will take attacking so much of its audience,” he urged readers to contact the network about the joke.


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