Video Confrontation with Texas Gov. Rick Perry on TSA


AUSTIN, TX -- While Texas Governor Rick Perry criss-crosses the country espousing states' rights as he flirts with a presidential bid, he has remained deafeningly silent on a critical Texas rights question at home.

Despite promises in a May 31st conference call to the Waco Tea Party that he would add the TSA anti-groping bill to the Special Session if he has a majority of votes in the House and Senate, Governor Perry has failed to fulfill that promise.

Texas State Rep. David Simpson has 112 co-sponsors for HB 41, a bill that would make it a criminal act for security personnel to touch a person's private areas without probable cause or express consent as a condition of travel. And Texas State Senator Dan Patrick wrote a letter to Perry on June 15th indicating that he has the votes in the Senate to pass the companion bill, SB 29.

So why hasn't Gov. Perry taken action?

To answer this question, Wesley Strackbein, co-founder of, drove 9 hours through the night to personally confront Perry at a Saturday morning, June 18th public book signing for the Governor's book "Fed Up!: Our Fight to Save America from Washington."

Watch Wesley's confrontation of Governor Perry, caught on tape:


"Gov. Perry has broken his word to slot the TSA anti-groping bill in the special session, leaving innocent air travelers in Texas to be accosted by the TSA," noted Strackbein. "We have the votes to pass this bill -- his office knows this -- and yet the Governor is out toying with a potential presidential run rather than defending the rights of Texans from unconstitutional abuse at the hands of the TSA."

"When confronted on the vote-count, the Governor stated that there's 'not enough time in the session,'" continued Strackbein. "This is a flimsy excuse, as the bills considered in the special session and the length of the session itself are the sole prerogative of Perry to determine. His comment, in effect, was: 'I'm powerless to do what I've been empowered to do.'"
Strackbein concluded: "In Fed Up!, the Governor writes that states must 'stop blindly accepting every demand the federal government makes . . . It is not enough to be fed up. We must act.' 

"We couldn't agree more. Now's the time to act, Gov. Perry."

Get the documentation of Perry's conference call with the Waco Tea Party and proof that the majority votes are indeed in place in both chambers of the Texas Legislature.

Read Michael Gobart's impassioned analysis of Perry's empty rhetoric at the Republican Leadership Conference on Saturday in New Orleans, in light of his refusal to add the TSA anti-groping bill to the Special Session.

Gobart declared, "While Perry barks like a Rottweiler about states' rights, he acts more like the Taco Bell dog. Obama threatened to literally ground all planes flying into and out of Texas if the TSA anti-groping bill becomes law. And Perry caved."

Concerned Americans are urged to call Governor Rick Perry's office at 512.463.2000 and demand that he actually stand up for state's rights by adding the TSA anti-groping bill to the Special Session where it would pass by a majority vote in both houses. 


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