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Video: Condi Rice Can't Name One Foreign Policy Mistake by Pres. Obama

Appearing on 'CBS This Morning,' former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, under Pres. Bush, Condi Rice was unable to name one instance of President Obama's failure in foreign policy (video below).

Instead, Rice named off recent actions of Egypt and Syria as reasons to elect Mitt Romney as president.

She also pushed 'American Exceptionalism' and warned against the U.S. "making itself one among many" nations.

American Exceptionalism is a Republican belief that America is an exceptional country per the choice of God.

Rice said that the Obama administration was "muted" on Syria, but failed to say exactly how.

Rice also complained that the U.S. was getting vetoed by Russia and China in the U.N. Security Council, which also happened numerous times during the Bush administration.

When asked what she would do, Rice admitted that "you would not be able to get the Russians to come along."

Co-host Charlie Rose asked Rice how she knew that the U.S. wasn't arming rebels, covertly, in Syria, to which Rice said she didn't see any evidence.


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