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Video: Code Pink Activists Tell Condi Rice "Blood of Iraqi Children is on Your Hands"

Two Code Pink activists, on Wednesday, interrupted former Secretary of State Condi Rice during a speech in Tampa at the ONE/US Global Leadership coalition event (video below), reports

Retired Colonel Ann Wright yelled: “You cannot be compassionate and kill people in the war of choice, the war on Iraq. I’m an Army Colonel, I am a former US diplomat, and these wars of choice that both the Republicans and the Democrats have had are terrible for our national security.”

Rae Abileah, the co-director of Code Pink, interrupted Rice as well: “The blood of Iraqi children is on your hands. Thousands of young soldiers my age have lost their lives unnecessarily in a war based on Condoleezza Rice and the Bush administration’s lies. True patriotism does not look like illegal bombing and lying into war that kills innocent civilians.”

Both Codepink protesters were removed from the building by security.


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