Video: Clint Eastwood Gives Rambling, Bizarre Speech to Empty Chair at RNC


Actor Clint Eastwood, the mystery speaker at the Republican convention, gave a rambling ad-libbed speech to an empty chair (video below) on Thursday night.

Eastwood blamed President Obama for failing to fix the economy in four years and slammed Obama for allowing terror suspects to be tried in civilian courts in New York City, as they were under the Bush administration.

The strangest moment came when Eastwood held a mock conversation with President Obama as represented by an empty chair, in which he told the nonexistent Pres. Obama to shut up, reports

Eastwood also said: “I never thought attorneys should be president."

Of course, Mitt Romney has a dual law and business degree from Harvard.

Eastwood's endorsement of Mitt Romney amounted to this statement: “I think, possibly, now it may be time for somebody else to come along and solve the problem."


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