Video: Clarion Fund Warns of Possible Nuclear Attack on U.S. by Iran

The Clarion Fund, a pro-Israeli organization founded by Canadian-Israeli film producer Raphael Shore, has released a new video (below) focusing on Iran and nuclear weapons.

In the video, the Clarion Fund says that Iran believes America is "public enemy number one." The film claims that Iran may strike the U.S. if it attains nuclear weapons and shows the potential devastation.

The Clarion Fund is urging people to contact their lawmakers to get tough with Iran and their nuclear program.

For it's side, Iran has claimed that its nuclear program is only for power, not weapons.

Speaking to reporters today at the U.N., Iranian President President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed that Israel is bullying the U.S. over the alleged threat of an Iranian nuclear weapon, reports the Washington Post.

The Obama administration opposes an Israeli strike on Iran, claiming it would be unlikely to finish off Iran’s program and could pull the U.S. into a wider Middle East war. The Bush administration also opposed an attack By Israel, claiming it would destabilize Iraq.


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