Video: Christopher Cerf Angry that his 'Sesame Street' Theme was Used for Torture at Gitmo

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Christopher Cerf, creator of the children’s program 'The Electric Company' and the composer of the theme song to 'Sesame Street,' said recently that the CIA “perverted” his music “to serve evil” by using his tune to torture prisoners at Guantanamo Bay.

Documents made public in 2010 revealed that specific torture techniques were recommended by Bush administration attorneys, including torture by loud music.

In a documentary that aired Wednesday, Al Jazeera World recorded Cerf on camera as he learned for the first time that his music was used by U.S. interrogators (video below).

Cerf said: “[The] idea that my music had a role in that is kind of outrageous. This is fascinating to me both because of the horror of music being perverted to serve evil purposes if you like, but I’m also interested in how that’s done. What is it about music that would make it work for that purpose?”


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