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Video Captures First Couple's 'Painfully Awkward' Moment After Stepping Off Air Force One

Photo Credit: The Sun

Photo Credit: The Sun

Another video of First Lady Melania Trump refusing to hold her husband’s hand has emerged, adding to the already existing collection.

The new video shows the couple stepping off Air Force One during the weekend, with Melania holding her purse in her left hand as she walked down the stairs. President Trump reaches for Melania’s hand – the one with the bag – but Melania doesn’t let him.

Not yet deterred, Trump goes for Melania’s hand again, which she pointedly ignores.

The video did not escape the notice of social media users, and the comments flowed in.

One person commented: "Her body language says it all," while another wrote, "She definitely did not want to hold his hand," followed by a series of crying laughing emojis.

However, others maintained that Melania was not rejecting her husband’s advances, but rather, was more focused on keeping her dress where it was considering the wind blowing at her skirt.

"She was clearly worried her dress would get caught in the wind and was holding it down," one person wrote.

Photo Credit: The Sun

Photo Credit: The Sun

In later pictures, it is clear that the couple got to hold hands as they walked side by side with their 14-year-old son, Barron, next to them.

This is not the first awkward interaction between the two that has made it into the spotlight.

In 2017, Trump reached for Melania’s hand as they got off a plane in Rome, but she ignored it. Trump grabbed her butt instead.

In 2018, they were standing side by side as they waited to welcome Emmanuel Macron, the French president, to the White House. Trump reached out for Melania’s hand, but she made sure to avoid it.

Sources: America Now

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