Video: Bristol Palin Confronts Heckler, Asks If He is Homosexual

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While I don't care for Sarah Palin (or politics in general) I can't say I blame Bristol Palin for confronting the heckler dude who called her mom a whore after she was riding a mechanical bull at the Saddle Ranch on the Sunset Strip last night.

I mean how dare he. It's so typical that a woman gets attacked either for her looks or for being a whore. When are we going to be applauded for being whores. That takes skills dammit and not everyone can be a whore. Seriously though, if this man has a beef with Sarah Palin he should confront her, not her daughter, Bristol. 

But he didn't just attack Sarah Palin, as Bristol was riding the mechanical bull he shouted:

"Did you ride Levi like that?"

What a crass pig. And then he attacked her mom not only calling her a whore but evil.  After she got off the bull and confronted him she asked him:

"Is it because you're a homosexual and that's why you hate her?"

He confirmed yes and then asked her why she asked that to which she replied:

"Because I can tell you are."

I don't know enough about Sarah Palin's politics to know how being homosexual factors into this but either way it was just really all uncalled for. I think all things considered (and not including the homosexual reference) Bristol really kept calm and handled herself really well. She kept asking him why her mom was evil.


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