Video: Bill Maher Tells Obama to Become an "Angry Black Man Who’s Pushing a Liberal Agenda"


On 'Real Time with Bill Maher,' the acidic host advised President Obama to act like an "angry black man pushing a liberal agenda" which "right wing hacks" have accused the president of being (video below), reports

Maher said: “Now that he’s been re-elected, President Obama must get back at all those right wing hacks who tried to paint him as an angry black man pushing a liberal agenda, by becoming an angry black man who’s pushing a liberal agenda.”

“There’s no third term, Mr. President, so you might as well throw caution to the wind because it’s not like we’re using it to produce energy.”

"You’re free now, with no more elections to win. You are free to never again have to kiss the ass of coal-miners, and say the words ‘clean coal.’”

Maher also urged the President Obama to end the drug war: "And if the conservatives bitch about it, throw ‘states’ rights’ back in their face.”


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