Video: Bill Maher Slams President Obama's Drug Policy


Comedian Bill Maher, on Tuesday, slammed President Obama's drug policies during an interview with HuffPost Live (video below).

Maher said: “This is one place where Obama has been such a dismal failure and a liar. Now, we all understand why the first black president couldn’t get into the White House and immediately go, ‘Hey, let’s spark it up.’"

"I’m hopeful in the second term when he has nothing to fear in the future, he can be honest about this issue the way that he finally became honest about gay marriage and certain other issues. He’s come around.”

“My hope is in the first year [of his second term], he’s going to admit that, yes, pot should be legal. And in the last year he’s going to admit, no he’s not really a Christian, he’s an atheist.”


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