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Video: Bill Maher Rips Mitt Romney

Comedian Bill Maher slammed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney on his show Friday night for claiming that people did not like him because they envied his wealth: “Mitt Romney has to start understanding why people don’t like him. It’s not because he’s rich. It’s how he got rich" (videos below).

“You know, venture capitalists are not job creators. They’re businessmen who find weak companies, and prey on them. And Mitt can’t understand why anyone would ever question capitalism no matter how feral it gets. ‘What? We found a wounded animal and we ate it!’”

“When asked about wealth distribution and income inequality, Mitt said, ‘It’s fine to talk about those things in quiet rooms. Quiet rooms? Why? It’s a wealth gap, not anal warts.”

Maher added: “No wonder he doesn’t want to talk about it out loud. The most recent payroll data came in this week, and the median annual income for an American is $26,353 a year, or as Mitt calls it, a rounding error.”


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