Video: Bill Maher and Michael Moore Defend Tony Bennett’s 9/11 Comments


On HBO's 'Real Time,' host Bill Maher and guest Michael Moore supported Tony Bennett’s recent controversial comments about 9/11 (video below).

Michael Moore said: “I’m not offended by what he said. I think it was a brave thing to say, because what he was saying was much more complex. He wasn’t blaming and saying, ‘We’re responsible for our people getting killed.’”

“He’s just trying to say that past policies were such that we don’t get to go around the world and behave whatever way we want to behave and expect like something may not happen. If you have a pitbull in your neighbor’s backyard, and you go over and keep kicking that pitbulll and then that pitbull bites you, you don’t say ‘I don’t know why that pitbull bit me.’ Because you’ve been kicking the dog.”

When former congresswoman Jane Harman disagreed with Moore and called Bennett’s comments “careless,” Maher back up Moore: “Nobody is saying that those specific people who died had it coming. No one is saying that. That’s how it becomes interpreted. What we’re saying is that the United States has almost half a million troops in over 150 countries around the world."

"That is an empire. If you want to have an empire, and this country by its acquiescence of that fact certainly does, if you want to have that big a footprint, yes, there is going to be some kind of blowback.”

Later, Rage Against The Machine musician Tom Morello mentioned how his band’s songs were blacklisted from radio stations in the aftermath of 9/11.


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