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Video: Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett Says Pres. Obama Lied About Being Born in Kenya

Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett recently said that President Obama was born in Hawaii, but then says the president fraudulently claimed to be born in Kenya so he could get into college. He also believes the president has spent millions of dollars since then to cover it up (video below).

Bennett, who is also the co-chairman of Mitt Romney’s campaign in Arizona, made the comments recently at an event where he pleaded for local Republicans to unite behind Romney because a world under Obama is “just very, very scary.”

Bennett said: “Now, I know there’s a lot of people that are very skeptical as to whether he was born in Hawaii. Personally I believe that he was. I actually believe he was fibbing about being born in Kenya when he was trying to get into college and doing things like writing a book and on and on and on.”

Bennett was forced last month to apologize after enduring nearly a week of nationwide ridicule for threatening to keep Obama off the ballot unless he saw more proof that the president was born in Hawaii.

The video below was shot by an unknown attendee.  Bennett's conspiracy theory begins at the 6:25 mark.


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