Video: Anti-War Billboard Says "Bomb Iran"

Anti-war activists in West Valley City, Utah, recently put up a billboard with the words “Bomb Iran” and "Support the Military-Industrial Complex," which they hope will get people to stop and think about waging a new war (video below).

Billboard creator Connor Boyack says his group put up the sign last week because every Republican presidential candidate, with the exception of Ron Paul, has been escalating their rhetoric regarding military action against Iran.

Boyack said: “The war drums are beating loudly. Sanctions are being supported, war is being threatened, and the nation seems primed for yet another middle eastern war. Our group objects to this and sees the same pattern that happened with the build up to the war in Iraq. This war would be immoral, offensive, unnecessary, and besides, we simply can’t afford it.”

Within the first day, the group’s BombIran.org website received over 15,000 hits. The billboard is scheduled to stay up for a month, but may be up longer if the donations continue to pour in. So far, they have raised almost $3,000.


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