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Video: Anti-Immigrant Ad Portrays African-Americans Hating Immigrants

NumbersUSA, an organization that favors limiting immigration, has produced a controversial TV ad (video below) that shows an African-American man complaining about immigrants taking jobs, reports

In the ad, an African-American man says: "I'm tired of the stereotype that black Americans don't want to work.  I've worked hard my whole life, but I got laid and I've got mouths to feed. I need a job."

"What I don’t understand is why our leaders are going to admit another million immigrant workers next year to take jobs when 3 million black Americans can’t find work. I mean, do our leaders really think black Americans don’t want to work? Let’s slow down mass immigration and save jobs for Americans, all Americans."

On their web site, NumbersUSA states: "Nothing about this website should be construed as advocating hostile actions or feelings toward immigrant Americans."


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