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Video: Anti-Gay Activist Bob Vander Plaats Compares Gay Marriage to Slavery

Anti-gay activist Bob Vander Plaats, who was behind a successful effort to kick three Iowa Supreme Court justices off the bench, is now trying to remove a fourth justice, because all of the justices supported gay marriage in the case Varnum v. Brien.

At a rally last month, Vander Plaats said that the "court should be independent" and compared gay marriage to slavery by citing Dred Scott [allowing slavery] and Varnum [allowed gay marriage in Iowa on April 3, 2009], reports

Vander Plaats said: "It is the court that should be independent, free of politics, to uphold the constitution, not to trample on the constitution, not to insert politics in the constitution..."

"One opinion: Dred Scott, blacks are property. One opinion: Roe v. Wade, we’ve killed sixty million babies off a court’s opinion. One opinion, the Varnum opinion and you are now seeing same-sex marriage infiltrate this state."

"One opinion, where a court legislates from the bench, when a court executes from the bench, when a court tries to amend the constitution from the bench, and when a court tries to do that, it is our responsibility as the people, the final arbitrators, to kick them off the bench."


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