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Video: Ann Coulter Calls Sen. John McCain a "Douchebag"

'Morning Joe" host Joe Scarborough ordered his producers to censor Ann Coulter on Tuesday after she called Senator John McCain (R-AZ) a “douchebag” (video below).

Coulter was explaining why Republican presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were superior to John McCain when her mic was cut.

“I don’t think consistency is such a great value,” she said. “John McCain was consistent.” “What did I say? Douchebag?” Coulter asked as the audio briefly returned.

“Just blur it all out,” Scarborough told the control room.

“OK, well they got the general drift of that,” Coulter continued.

“I think Romney is conservative now. He ran against Teddy Kennedy’? I mean, you’re flipping from positions you held when you came within 5 points of taking out that human pestilence.”

While Scarborough was not offended enough by the “human pestilence” slur against the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, to cut her mic again, guest Mike Barnicle did object.

“We miss him in Massachusetts, and I think the country, and especially the Senate,” Barnicle said. “[I]f Ted Kennedy had been alive, that health care debate would have lasted about five months.”

Scarborough later tweeted, “I am proud to say that Teddy Kennedy was a friend and was very kind to me when others were not. I miss him.”

The FCC doesn’t regulate cable channels like MSNBC, and even if they did, “douchebag” is a word that is heard on the public airwaves.


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