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Video: 4th of July Parade Features Parody of Pres. Obama Grabbing His Crotch

In Huntsville, Utah, a Fourth of July parade took a strange turn when a man, on a parade float, dressed up as President Barack Obama and apparently grabbed his groin in front of a 7,000 onlookers, including children (video below).

The parade is supposed to honor veterans, according to Fox 13.

The controversial float showed a white man wearing a suit and an Obama rubber mask, who was surrounded by signs that read "Huntsville welcomes the Obama Fairwell tour," "Obamanation" and "'Ask about our assault gun plan! Call Eric Holder."

Huntsville City Council member Laurie Allen told Fox 13 that the anti-Obama float didn't reflect the views of the town and was entered at the last minute without the usual rules: "I don’t think we would have allowed it, in fact I know we wouldn’t. We just don’t want that. It’s a family-oriented celebration."

Huntsville Mayor Jim Truett added: I think they were trying to be funny and it really backfired. Next year we'll just be a little bit more careful and have to inspect our floats a little bit more.
But other residents enjoyed the Presidential parody."

The Weber County Sheriff's Department said it contacted the Secret Service after people complained the float could be a threat to President Obama.


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