Vice President Joe Biden Gets Touchy-Feely With White House Reporter In Holiday Photo

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Known for his charismatic, outspoken nature, Vice President Joe Biden looks like he got way too comfortable as he held on closely to a White House reporter for a photo.

The picture, posted on The Hill White House Correspondent Aime Parnes’ Facebook page, has elicited a few laughs at the fun-loving Vice President’s expense.

While Parnes is shown laughing, her own right hand appears to be blocking Biden’s from getting to second-base.

But don’t worry — Mrs. Joe Biden, Jill, is also seen in the picture, only a couple of feet away next to Parnes’ unidentified guest.

The Vice President has been known to share the love in the past. During a September 2012 campaign stop in Seaman, Ohio, Biden hugged an older female biker for what some thought was a few moments too long.

“I told him he was so handsome, so good-looking, that I was not going to let go of him,” Jan Queen said afterwards according to the Daily Mail.

“Will you write a note to my wife and tell her that?” Biden asked afterwards.

Sources: The Daily Caller, Daily Mail


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