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Vice President-Elect Mike Pence Sues To Hide His Email

Vice President-elect Mike Pence is going to court to keep an attachment from one of his emails, as Indiana governor, hidden from the public.

The attachment is a "white paper" that details Indiana’s participation in a multi-state lawsuit to stop President Obama’s executive actions on immigration, according to the IndyStar.

Pence's email secrecy was upheld by the Marion Superior Court in April, however, the Indiana Court of Appeals will hear the case on Nov. 21.

Indianapolis attorney William Groth has sued to make that "white paper" public.

However, Pence’s attorneys at Barnes & Thornburg say the "white paper" was created by their staff and is protected from public viewing under Indiana’s Access to Public Records Act.

Gov. Pence used public funds to pay Barnes & Thornburg to represent Indiana when the state joined a lawsuit headed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas.

The lawsuit was filed against President Obama's executive orders in November 2014 that delayed enforcement of immigration laws against undocumented people who have children in the U.S., and for kids - under the age of 16 - who came to the U.S. with their parents.

I think governmental transparency is an important concern of anyone who lives in a democracy – the governor cannot put himself above the law," Groth told the IndyStar. He later added, "I think joining the lawsuit without the attorney general and hiring that firm was a waste of taxpayer dollars and the people have the right to know how much of their money was spent."

Only two days before the election, Pence attacked Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton about her emails during a speech in Hickory, North Carolina, noted POLITICO:

The FBI last summer concluded that Hillary Clinton having classified documents on that private server was "extremely careless." And I guess today, I don’t know if you heard, today they announced that they had not changed that conclusion...

You know, mishandling classified information is a crime... And Hillary Clinton, just let’s remember what we know, Hillary Clinton said that she never sent or received classified information and the director of the FBI told the Congress classified information was sent. Hillary Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails, sent or received, and the FBI director told the Congress that’s not true.

The FBI has never accused Clinton of any crime, and the classified information was reportedly forwarded in emails to Clinton and others.

Pence deputy chief of staff Matt Lloyd recently told CNN "[Groth] received the text of the email in one question. One email. The court reviewed the white paper [attachment] and determined the state was correct in protecting it as attorney client privilege."

Sources: IndyStar, POLITICO, CNN / Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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