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Vice President Biden's Son Beau Hospitalized After Mild Stroke

The 41-year-old son of Vice President Biden is in a hospital in Philadelphia Tuesday after suffering what is being described as a mild stroke. Beau Biden was initially taken to a hospital in Delaware, but was later transferred to a facility in Philadelphia for further testing and observation. He is expected to make a full recovery.

In a statement issued through the White House, the Delaware hospital said:

"He is in good spirits and talking with his family at the hospital. He is fully alert, in stable condition and has full motor and speech skills."

In his own brief statement, the vice president thanked the hospital staff that treated his son.

Beau Biden is the Attorney General of Delaware. He returned last year from a 12-month deployment in Iraq with his Army National Guard unit. There was speculation Biden would run for the Senate seat his father gave up when he became VP, but he decided to run for reelection as Attorney General instead.

It's not clear yet what caused Biden's stroke. And according to experts, we may never know.

Dr. Cheryl Bushnell, an associate professor of neurology at Wake Forest University medical school in Winston-Salem, N.C., told the Associated Press that doctors will evaluate factors such as whether Biden had a blood clot, blood vessel injury, or signs of his family's history of aneurysms. However, "the reality is in about 30 percent of cases we don't know why this stroke happened," she said.

Bushnell also said it is unusual for young patients in good health to suffer strokes. "It's a lot less common than someone who's, say, 71," she said.

Biden is married and has two young children.


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