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Bureau Of Labor: Veteran Unemployment Rate Drops To 7-Year Low


The unemployment rate for military veterans dropped to its lowest level in seven years, according to data released Monday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The data showed that the unemployment rate amongst all military veterans dropped 5.3 percent last year, which is the lowest rate since 2008. Specifically, the rate amongst post-9/11 veterans dropped to 7.2 percent last year – a significant improvement from 12.1 percent in 2011. The overall fall to 5.3 percent is the fourth straight year of improvement for military unemployment.

A report from the Office of Personnel Management also shows that about 33 percent of new federal government hires in 2014 were former military service members.

The continued improvement happened in part because of an executive order issued in 2009 by President Obama requiring that federal agencies “enhance recruitment of and promote employment opportunities for veterans."

“We know that veterans possess character, team-building skills and discipline,” Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald said in a statement. “Those traits don’t stop when we take off the uniform. They transfer into the workplace and help their businesses grow and succeed."

Sources: Huffington Post, Washington Post

Photo Credit:, WikiCommons


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