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Bernie Sanders Encourages Obama To Slash Corporate Tax Breaks Via Executive Action

President Barack Obama is reportedly considering going around Congress in an effort to raise taxes. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) wrote a letter to Treasury Secretary Jack Lew on Friday stating that Obama could circumvent congress and raise 100 billion in IRS taxes through an executive order. Sanders is pushing for Obama to close loopholes used by corporations, without the approval of Congress, because Republicans will not budge.

“Our nation has never, in the past five decades, balanced a budget with revenue levels as low as they are projected to be,” Sanders wrote to Lew.

When asked if the president was considering executive action in order to raise taxes on corporations, White House press secretary Josh Earnest responded, “The president certainly has not indicated any reticence in using his executive authority to try and advance an agenda that benefits middle-class Americans."

Sanders provided a list of provisions the administration could rely on without the approval of Congress.

“This list is not intended to be exhaustive but rather to illustrate that if Congress fails to act, the administration can act to resolve some of the problems with our tax code,” he said.

Earnest clarified that Obama had not made a decision but was showing interest in the option of moving forward without the approval of Congress.

“Now I don’t want to leave you with the impression that there is some imminent announcement, there is not, at least that I know of,” he said. “But the president has asked his team to examine the array of executive authorities that are available to him to try to make progress on his goals. So I am not in a position to talk in any detail at this point, but the president is very interested in this avenue generally.”

Sources: The Hill, The Blaze / Photo: Wikimedia


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