Valley’s Benavidez honored for civil rights work

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The Fresno Bee
By Eddie Jimenez

Longtime Valley activist Ben Benavidez will be honored today in Los Angeles for his work in advocating for minority civil and economic rights.

Benavidez will receive a lifetime achievement award at a reception for the annual Greenlining Institute Economic Summit.

The Greenlining Institute is a national policy and leadership organization that promotes racial and economic justice. The institute is a coalition of about 40 multicultural organizations.

Among the groups is the Mexican American Political Association, of which Benavidez, 64, is the president emeritus.

Benavidez, a Fresno resident, said he is especially honored to be a recipient of the award from the Greenlining Institute because the organization represents a wide range of cultural groups.

“They are the real rainbow coalition,” he said.

Benavidez has been a leader and a pioneer in promoting minority civil and economic rights, said Renee Mora, a MAPA member.

“I know,” she said, “he has enhanced the standard of living for people of color.”


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